Our USI audience was thoroughly entertained by Kate Tombaugh’s one woman show in our Performance Center this past March. Not only was the show a humorous and thoroughly entertaining portrayal of the struggles of a young vocal performer in New York City and so very relevant to our theatre students, it was also a showcase for Kate’s powerful mezzo-soprano voice.  Kate moved effortlessly from classical arias to Broadway and pop tunes as the performance prompted each song’s theme.  As delightful as the evening was, the following day was even better when I had the chance to observe her master class Kate spent almost 5 hours with six of our Theatre and Music programs’ best vocalists.  She was able to employ her deep knowledge of the vocal apparatus to introduce exercises to each of the singers which addressed their specific needs.  In some cases, the differences she was able to create in the singers were dramatic; moreover, she conducted the session with the kindest encouragement, putting all of the students at ease and making them eager to work in fresh ways.  We would love to have her back.  Whether as a teacher, a performer, or as both, any university musical theatre program or music department would gain a lot from having Kate as a guest artist. We plan to have her back soon.
— 2018, Elliot Wasserman, Chair & Professor of Theatre, Department of Performing Arts, University of Southern Indiana
[Kate is]
an absolutely incendiary stage presence!
— 2013, St John's United Methodist Church: Santa Fe, New Mexico
It Just Takes One is dynamic and relatable. Kate’s storytelling is vulnerable and engaging. Her expressive voice navigates the various styles in the show with ease and beauty.
— 2015, St Thomas Episcopal Church: Cincinnati, Ohio
The show was a perfect combination of vocal talent, humor, engaging storyline, and song selection. I didn’t want it to end!
— 2015, Park Place Conference Center: Streator, Illinois

It just takes one meticulously trained, disciplined and multi-talented performer to make Kate Tombaugh’s show a delightful study...

…Kate sings so magnificently, operatically, comically (when called for) and with genuine depth of feeling…

— Marcia Weiss, Bloomington Pantagraph review; world premiere of It Just Takes One, 2013